Honey Can Save You Money on Retail Merchandise Purchases

Honey is a browser extension for Chrome browser. On several ecommerce sites (including Kohls), it automatically inserts the best available coupon code as you are checking out with a purchase.


Browser extensions are often suspect, because they can watch everything you do on the web. If the value of your potential money savings outweighs the value of your loss of privacy, this looks like a very good deal.

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A Recap of the Upcoming American Airlines Award-Chart Devaluation

As a reminder, some awards for American Airlines are going to be much more costly as of March 22, 2016. This is particularly true of First Class and Business Class awards.

You can book travel (up to 331 days into the future) now under the old, more favorable, award chart.

See the charts at http://www.milevalue.com/massive-devaaluation-of-american-airlines-chart-march-22-2016/ for the bad news.

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Two Reselling Information Series

“Reselling” is when you buy merchandise, then re-sell it online. You need to find a source / sources of inexpensive goods, buy some, then list them on eBay or Amazon.

Two bloggers that I read are having series of posts on how to get into reselling.

Miles to Memories is just starting his series.

Doctor of Credit is up to post #6 on reselling.

Both blogs are worth reading if you foresee using reselling as a way to meet minimum spends, or to actually make an income.

Six Steps for Mileage Junkie Newbies

If you’re new at the miles-and-points game, this is a good brief reference for how to get started.


Million Mile Secrets and Mommy Points blogs also have good useful information for beginners…look for tabs at the top of their home pages.

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