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Unusual Way to (Maybe) Make $100 is a legitimate website, and it has a writeup on a way to make $100 from your easy chair.  The offer looks too good to be true, but I suspect that it is valid. Use at your own risk.

The idea is to purchase a particular type of coin from the U.S. Mint at exactly 11:00 AM Central on Nov. 14, then immediately ship it to PFS Buyers Club. PFS then will pay you $100 more for the coin than you spent for it.

It sounds weird, but the commenters on the Dans Deals website say it actually works.

Note that there is some preparation work to do before November 14, and you have to work online very fast and carefully at exactly 11:00:00 AM Central on that date. And, of course, PFS could go belly-up and you would be out your $86.90.

Purchase A Coin For $86.90 From The Mint And Get $200 Back!

Additional information:


Frequent Miler


Lifetime Learning Institute of Austin, A Valuable Resource for Persons Age 50+

LLI LogoLifetime Learning Institute of Austin ( has been in operation for over 40 years, providing economical classes on an eclectic range of topics. The primary group served is persons 50+.

Registration for the Spring 2019 semester opens on January 16, but it’s not too early to take a look at the classes that were offered in the Fall because many will also be available in the Spring.

Many LLI classes fill up within hours, so it pays to register as soon as possible. You can take a look at the list here to see which Fall classes filled (shown in red) and which still had room.

I usually take 2 or 3, sometimes 4, LLI classes each semester. My favorites are T’ai Chi (Taiji) and Qigong, and Yoga Fit. This time I enrolled in classes about American Comedy Films, Exercise for Men and Women, and India. My other recommendations are How to Listen to Classical Music, and Geology.

LLI is run as a non-profit by volunteers, and part of what keeps Austin wonderfully weird.

Austin Forum, Tuesday, March 6

Austin Forum LogoThe Austin Forum is a series of presentations about technical, medical, musical and social topics. Admission is free, nothing is for sale, and meetings are held in the ground-floor meeting room of the new Austin Public Library downtown.

The next meeting will be this coming Tuesday, March 6, 2018. The topic will be ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: HOW MACHINE LEARNING WILL CHANGE (ALMOST) EVERYTHING.

From the Austin Forum website:

Artificial intelligence has been a vision almost since the dawn of computing, but has been stymied by technology limitations, as well as lack of understanding of how human intelligence works. However, one approach — machine learning — has gained tremendous traction in the past two decades, aided by advances in our ability to collect digital data and in the algorithmic techniques of developing systems that learn from data.

More recently, the explosive upturn in digital data production and the exponential increase in computing power, enabled by computing processors, has enabled researchers to develop and optimize algorithms in deep neural networks on rich data to achieve astounding successes in AI.

From systems that can now recognize objects and speech better than humans can, to systems that can out-strategize experts in complex games such as poker, chess, and go, the new AI applications are exceeding human performance in many areas — and we’re at the very beginning of the revolution.Android

AI is considered by many to be the most the most important technology of our time, and will disrupt, transform, and accelerate almost every field, from healthcare to transportation, retail to finance, manufacturing to agriculture… everything. Come learn what AI, machine learning, and deep learning are, why they are so important (and will be even more so), and the opportunities for Austin to be a leader in the AI revolution.

Get the deets and register at

Hint: Follow @AustinForum on Twitter, so you will be eligible to win some very nice prizes at the presentation.

AUSOME Group Helps Austin Entrepreneurs Grow

AUSOME LogoI’ve been a fan of AUSOME – Austin Online Marketing for Entrepreneurs for several years. The group meets monthly, and has since 2009. Admission is free, and every meeting features an interesting local (mostly) entrepreneur who has done well and is willing to share her/his secrets. David Gonzales and Anna Cummins are the hosts.

Last evening’s meeting featured Lani Rosales, the COO of and She also co-founded the Big Ass Social Happy Hour (BASHH), and is the “iron-fist co-founder and Evil Overlord” at Austin Digital Jobs (ADJ, a Facebook group with 35,000+ active members).

AUSOME meetings are held at the Capital Factory, a major player in Austin’s startup scene.

You can find and join AUSOME on

If you have an online business, or are considering one, you definitely should check this out.