Credit Card Travel Protection for Cruises

My wife and I take a cruise every year or two, so we read this MileCards blog post with interest.

The post describes automatic trip coverage from various credit cards, as well as separate cruise insurance that is available.

Some common reasons why you might need to cancel a prepaid cruise are described and analyzed, including “you lose your job” and “you get ill before / during the cruise” and “your flight arrives late.”

Carnival Cruise Ship \

Flying to a Cruise Ship? Here are Cruising Tips

Many frequent fliers like to take cruises. On a cruise ship there is plenty of legroom, no jet lag, and actual food rather than crackers and peanuts.

Here are some tips for getting the best value for your money on a cruise.

Of course, it is slightly possible that your cruise ship will sail into a storm, but that is rare.

Cruise ship. Photo by Traveller-Reini / Flickr