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Sub-$300 Round-Trip Flights to Hawaii Still Available

Hawaii Kohala Ditch Adventures
Hawaii Kohala Ditch Adventures

Aloha! There are still some great deals for flights to the different islands of Hawai’i. The Points Guy has a blog post about some $293 round-trip airfares from Albuquerque and Denver, both of which you can reach inexpensively on Southwest.

Airlines offering these fares include Alaska, American, Hawaiian and United. If you can wait a year, Southwest should be in the mix also.

Search Google Flights for your particular date pair(s) to see the low prices available now. Aloha.

DFW to Nairobi, Kenya for $610 Round-Trip

Scotts Cheap Flights LogoScott’s Cheap Flights has found another bargain, a very inexpensive airfare to Kenya. You can drive, Megabus or fly from Austin to Dallas, then fly Air Canada, Delta, Kenya Airways, KLM, Lufthansa, Swiss, United to Nairobi (via Europe).

Airfares are valid next month and May, then September through December.

Check Google Flights for the deets.

New Fee for United Airlines Passengers

United Airlines AircraftBad news for United Airlines passengers. The airline is instituting a new $9 fee (the amount may vary) for early boarding. This fee is for Economy passengers, not Basic Economy.

View from the Wing has the story.

The primary reason that passengers prefer to board early is so they can find overhead bin space, so this new fee is essentially a tax on bin space.

It seems likely that the other domestic airlines will copy this new revenue enhancement.


Austin to Dublin $496 Round-Trip (Various Airlines)

Scotts Cheap Flights LogoScotts Cheap Flights has found flights from Austin to Dublin for as little as $496 round-trip. I’m not able to duplicate that low fare (my best is $648 on United + Aer Lingus), but searching more date pairs might turn it up…or it might already be gone.

Check your date pairs in Google Flights. These low fares are not available in July and August.

Austin to Singapore $585 Round-Trip on United Airlines

Scotts Cheap Flights LogoScott’s Cheap Flights has found a great deal on United Airlines for flights from Austin to Singapore. These routes have one (LAX) or two (DEN, SFO) stops, with total travel time about 24 hours.

Enter date pairs on Google Flights to find current very good prices. Try Momondo for the very best prices.

United will offer Economy Plus (more legroom) for an additional $275 each way. A better option, if you want it both ways, may be to purchase the 1-year subscription for $499+.

A Day in the Life of a Flight Attendant

Aircraft at the AirportThis is a very good article about the life of an airline flight attendant. In this case the gentleman who was shadowed works for United Airlines.

One thing to note is that FAs don’t get paid anything until the doors of the aircraft are closed. All that smiling at you as you board and de-board the plane are “free” to the airline.

Austin to Venice $386 Round-Trip on Air Canada / United

United Airlines AircraftThe airfare deals from the US to Europe just keep coming! Scott’s Cheap Flights has found round-trip tickets from Austin to Venice for as little as $386 in March, April, May, August, September, October, November and December.

These are round-trip fares, not one-way. No bag fees. Check United Airlines website and Google Flights. Other airlines may match, and there are other European destinations with similar fares.

Venice Canal
Venice Canal
Venice Bridge
Venice Bridge

Watch out — those gondola rides in Venice are EXPENSIVE!