Cowboy Boots Probably OK, UGG Boots Not OK, in Qantas Airport Lounges

UGG LogoQantas airport lounges have a dress code, requiring “smart casual dress standards”. And, they enforce it.

A few days ago, a Joanne Catherall has claimed that she was denied entrance to the Qantas Lounge in Melbourne because she was wearing UGG boots.

UGGs BootsAnd, sure enough, the Qantas Lounge dress code explicitly prohibits UGGs, stating that “…sleepwear (including UGG Boots and slippers)” are “too casual or inappropriate”.

Here is what is deemed inappropriate in Qantas lounges:

  • Thongs and bare feet
  • Head to toe gym wear
  • Beachwear (including board shorts)
  • Sleepwear (including UGG Boots and slippers)
  • Clothing featuring offensive images or slogans
  • Revealing, unclean or torn clothing

I see no mention of cowboy boots, but wear them at your own risk.

Qantas Bringing Free, Fast Wi-fi to Its Planes in 2017

The internet connection is said to be 10x faster than average on-board wi-fi. It’s possible that such data-hungry applications as streaming TV and music, and even Skype, will be permitted in flight.

And it’s to be FREE (my favorite price!).

The broadband provider is ViaSat, which evidently will use a combination of ground stations and satellites to link up to aircraft.

Qantas (often misspelled as Quantas) has a low-cost affiliate named Jetstar, and it’s likely that Jetstar will get the same high speed internet after Qantas does.

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