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Norwegian Archives - ATX Fun - Austin-San Antonio Fun, Travel & Educational Opportunities

Norwegian Now Flying Austin-London Gatwick Route

NorwegianTo the probable dismay of the Big 3 legacy airlines, Norwegian has begun flying 3x per week from Austin to London Gatwick (and vice versa).

The flight days, both outbound and return, are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

The posted outbound price is as low as $209.90 (April 21), and the return price is as low as $229.90 (April 24 and 26).

Norwegian is a low-cost carrier, so everything except a seat will involve a fee. But, if you follow their rules, bring your own food and water, and pack light and compact, you can save a lot.

Check Google Flights or Norwegian’s web site for schedules and costs.

A Plethora of Cheap Trans-Atlantic Airfares

The travel blogs are noting lots of very inexpensive airfares from the United States to various European cities.

Austin to London Great Circle Map
Austin to London Great Circle Map, 4915 miles

Scott’s Cheap Flights has an email out this afternoon with flights to Spain (Alicante, Barcelona, Bilbao, Ibiza, Madrid, Mallorca, Santa Cruz Palma, Santiago de Compostela, Tenerife and Valencia) in the $400s round-trip. The airlines with these low fares include American and United, and probably Delta. Austin is not among the listed departure cities, but Atlanta is and you can take Southwest non-stop from Austin to Atlanta (2 daily flights each way). Secret Flying notes that you can fly out of Houston on American.

Icelandair flies from DFW to Iceland and then on to various continental European cities for $300+ r/t (but remember all the fees for “extras”). Million Mile Secrets has a good write-up on this deal. One Mile at a Time notes that Icelandair will even begin flying to Kansas City starting in May! When researching a flight from JFK to LHR recently, I noticed that trip-cancellation insurance added only 2% to the ticket price on Icelandair…that seems like a pretty good deal.

When it comes to inexpensive flying to Europe, these are truly “the good old days.”

How to Find Cheapest Airfares? Here Is a Surprising Answer

Momondo Logo
Momondo Logo

We all would like to save money when buying an airline ticket. This blog post at One Mile at a Time has a good way to do so…check before purchasing elsewhere.

One issue with Momondo is that sometimes the fares found there can’t actually be booked, especially with one of their Italian travel agencies, but the site is usually reliable.

Momondo is one of the few websites that lists Southwest Airlines flights, as well as other non-alliance airlines like Norwegian.

Checking with Momondo is easy and fast, so it’s well worth a look as you book your next trip.

Save a Lot on Some Airfares With Skyscanner

Some airfares price considerably lower in one currency than another, or to persons in one country against another.

Loyalty Lobby LogoFor example, this Loyalty Lobby blog post shows how a British Airways airfare from London to Budapest was priced 40% cheaper on a Chinese website than on the BA website. Same date, same time, same airplane, just 40% less.

Similarly, some airfares on Norwegian Airlines price out cheaper if you select Norwegian kroner instead of U.S. dollar.

Skyscanner is often a good place to go for such comparison shopping. You can enter whichever country, language and currency you want, then see what prices you get. Interestingly, it does not show prices to one of my bucket-list destinations, the Galapagos Islands.

And if you just want to fly but aren’t decided where, Skyscanner’s “Explore our Map” page will show you destinations all over the world and the airfare to get there from your home airport.

Oakland to Stockholm Only $268 r/t

Norwegian is a low-cost airline with flights between North America and Europe. The carrier currently offers a round-trip fare of just $268 between Oakland, California, and Stockholm, Sweden.

This ultra-low fare is valid some dates between November and March. If Stockholm seems too chilly, you can take another low cost flight down to Lisbon or Barcelona.

Computer Keyboard, by  john_a_ward / Flickr

Purchase online using the special instructions in the Secret Flying post in order to get the low fare.


Los Angeles to Stockholm Just $341.30 r/t on 787 Dreamliner

Norwegian Airlines is offering round-trip fares as low as $341.30 from Los Angeles LAX to Stockholm, Sweden. This low fare is available as soon as mid-September.

Go to the Norwegian website to find this fare.

With Norwegian you pay for all extras, like checked luggage and food. You may be able to find an even lower price by going to the Norway version of Norwegian’s website and paying in kroner…the Chrome browser can translate for you, and you can check exchange rates at

California to Sweden for $295 r/t Jan-Mar 2017

Norwegian Airlines is posting fares as low as $295 round-trip for travel between Los Angeles / Oakland and Stockholm, Sweden.

FARE DEAL: Los Angeles or Oakland – Stockholm UNDER $300 Roundtrip

Norwegian – $295: Los Angeles / Oakland, California – Stockholm, Sweden. Roundtrip, including all Taxes

You can travel aboard a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which boasts larger windows and greater passenger comfort than older aircraft. Light hand luggage is free, you have to pay for other items like checked baggage and assigned seating.


NYC to London $361 r/t on Norwegian

Norwegian Air flights between New York City and London can be booked for $361 round-trip, using a clever (legal) currency trick. Maybe just $338.

FARE ALERT: New York – London for Just $361 Roundtrip

Norwegian flies new Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft, which feature large windows and a more-comfortable passenger environment than other aircraft.

Checked baggage and assigned seats cost extra.

UPDATE: Maybe only $338, as per