Free Talk 615pm, Nov 12: The Internet of Things, How Connected Devices Will Change Everything

The Austin Forum is a long-running monthly series of presentations about technology, health and society. Admission is free, and events happen at the downtown Austin Central Library, 710 West Cesar Chavez Street. The next event will be November 12, 2019.

From the official email:

The Austin Forum on Technology & Society

in partnership with Austin Public Library presents

The Internet of Things: How Connected Devices Everywhere will Change Everything

with Rhonda DirvinArmJason Shepherd Dell Technologies

5:15pm — Check-in and refreshments

6:00 pm – Doors open for seating

6:15 pm – Presentation

7:30 pm – Networking

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables connected computers and other devices to share data and work together to automate new kinds of applications and improvements to our lives, infrastructure, and more. The power of edge computing and the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) will change everything, from our homes and buildings to mobility and manufacturing to healthcare and safety. When our environments are instrumented with sensors and processors, these environments can monitor themselves, adapt dynamically to our wants and needs, and become safer, more sustainable, and more resilient. IoT in medicine can connect health data across personal devices and doctors. It can create the ability to enhance traffic flow with autonomous cars and connected signals and link smart devices in cities that monitor safety, energy usage, and more. 

The coming ubiquity of little, power-efficient devices–sensors, cameras, actuators, and more–will transform the spaces around us to be better for us, and it will get increasingly more capable and more transparent. Connecting billions of devices will generate and move massive amounts of data (hello, 5G!), but it will become increasingly common, and then transparent. There are challenges to be sure–both technical and social/policy–but the future is intelligent devices everywhere, and that will be a transformation for society. In this event, Rhonda Dirvin of ARM and Jason Shepherd of Dell Technologies will discuss technologies that demonstrate IoT’s power to shape our lives, jobs, and society.

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