Unusual Way to (Maybe) Make $100

DansDeals.com is a legitimate website, and it has a writeup on a way to make $100 from your easy chair.  The offer looks too good to be true, but I suspect that it is valid. Use at your own risk.

The idea is to purchase a particular type of coin from the U.S. Mint at exactly 11:00 AM Central on Nov. 14, then immediately ship it to PFS Buyers Club. PFS then will pay you $100 more for the coin than you spent for it.

It sounds weird, but the commenters on the Dans Deals website say it actually works.

Note that there is some preparation work to do before November 14, and you have to work online very fast and carefully at exactly 11:00:00 AM Central on that date. And, of course, PFS could go belly-up and you would be out your $86.90.

Purchase A Coin For $86.90 From The Mint And Get $200 Back!

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