“Honey” Automatically Applies Promo Codes to Your Online Purchases

Le Chic Geek LogoEveryone who buys something online has seen the Promo Code box during the checkout process. If you know a code, you can type it in the box and save a few percent. But what is a good code?

Jeanne Marie Hoffman of Le Chic Geek blog has reviewed the Honey browser extension, which will automatically try out its list of promo codes and insert the one that gives you the biggest savings.

Honey only works with the Chrome browser, so it won’t help folks using Firefox, Safari, Edge or Opera. And, Honey watches every page you visit. But, it can save you real money, and the more you buy online the more you will save.

The blog post also reviews the Ebates browser extension, which uses a different method to accomplish the same goal of saving you money.