Southwest Airlines News

Southwest Airlines PlaneSouthwest is a quirky airline, with a single cabin, no reserved seats and a strange-yet-sensible boarding lineup system. Also, you can cancel a booking without penalty, and checked bags fly free. [see their website for deets and limitations] And, of course, the Companion Pass is wonderful!

Southwest doesn’t open up its calendar for ticket sales 330 days into the future, like most airlines. Instead, every month or two SWA will activate several more weeks. They just did that, so you can now purchase tickets for dates up to October 1, 2018. That is good news.

Now for some bad news: The price of drinks purchased onboard is going up. Regular beers and wine will be $6, premium beers and liquor will be $7, starting March 1. I don’t know if this will affect their free-booze policy that is in effect January 1, February 14, March 17, June 18, Fathers Day, July 4, September 20, October 31 and Thanksgiving.