How to Self-Rescue If You Fall Through Ice

Here in Austin we rarely see even a thin film of ice on our lakes and creeks, but many of us to travel in winter to areas where it does get much colder.

Duck on Ice in Washington
Duck on Ice in Washington

In my own case, I’ve cautiously walked on an ice-covered lake in Wisconsin and river in Alaska. I was apprehensive about falling through, and assumed that any such event would be a death sentence. Fortunately, I never had to test that theory.

This video on YouTube shows how you can (probably) survive falling through ice, if you can take the advice to relax and calm yourself and then follow the proper self-rescue procedure.

This video is unique in that the presenter actually falls through the ice, and narrates as he rescues himself. It’s very convincing, good to watch for anyone who suffer a sudden frigid surprise in the future.