$202 Round-Trip to Amsterdam, and Other Deals on WOW

WOW Airline Offers Low Cost Airfares to Iceland and Europe
WOW Airline Offers Low Cost Airfares to Europe

WOW is a European airline best known for its low low fares to Iceland and other European nations. Those low low fares are even lower until 6PM Central time on Saturday, Dec. 23, during their 50% sale using the discount code WOWXMAS.

For example, Boston to Amsterdam for $202 r/t or to Reykjavik for $142 r/t. Los Angeles to Paris for $230 r/t or Copenhagen for $222 r/t. You can fly Southwest to several WOW gateway cities in North America.

WOW flies new 787 Dreamliners. I flew WOW to Iceland and was very pleased with the onboard product and service, although the flight departed from Boston several hours late for unknown reason.

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