Save a Lot on Some Airfares With Skyscanner

Some airfares price considerably lower in one currency than another, or to persons in one country against another.

Loyalty Lobby LogoFor example, this Loyalty Lobby blog post shows how a British Airways airfare from London to Budapest was priced 40% cheaper on a Chinese website than on the BA website. Same date, same time, same airplane, just 40% less.

Similarly, some airfares on Norwegian Airlines price out cheaper if you select Norwegian kroner instead of U.S. dollar.

Skyscanner is often a good place to go for such comparison shopping. You can enter whichever country, language and currency you want, then see what prices you get. Interestingly, it does not show prices to one of my bucket-list destinations, the Galapagos Islands.

And if you just want to fly but aren’t decided where, Skyscanner’s “Explore our Map” page will show you destinations all over the world and the airfare to get there from your home airport.