Some Good Advice on Debt from a Valuable Free Newsletter

Skip McGrathSkip McGrath sells things on Amazon and eBay, and is a published author and newsletter writer. You can see his current newsletter issue (it’s free!) at

In the current issue Skip talks about how he and his wife were able to dig themselves out of debt when they were in their 40s…including mortgage debt. It’s a good story.

For anyone in a similar situation, Skip recommends  American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC), and warns against other groups that are often scam artists.

An interesting thing about credit card workout companies is that hiring one can put a permanent Default blemish on your credit report. Skip notes that bankruptcies are scrubbed after 7 years, but defaults from a credit-card workout are never removed.

Skip’s newsletter is full of information on how you can make a living, or just a part of one, from selling online. It’s well worth subscribing.