is Successor to SWMonkey, Which Was Shut Down by Southwest Airlines

One of my favorite benefits of purchasing Southwest Airlines tickets is that changes are free. Unlike almost all other airlines, SWA doesn’t charge a fee for canceling or modifying a reservation. So, if the published airfare is reduced on an itinerary that you have purchased, you can cancel your ticket and purchase an exact replacement at the lower cost.

But how to you know the price has been reduced? You could check every day. Or you could use a service which automatically checks for you.

Several automated services have started up, but all have quickly faced a legal demand to cease and desist from Southwest Airline’s legal team.

Last week it was SWMonkey…they lasted a few days. Yesterday a replacement,, started up. It’s a great free service, but SWA just hates what it does so is likely to go after it quickly. I wish the best for the developer, but I do not expect the site to survive long.