AARP? Yikes!

The AARP (formerly American Association of Retired Persons, or something like that) is a national organization for persons age 50 or over. You do not have to be retired to join, and you do not have to be age 50+…children can be members of AARP.

Here are two of the less-heralded benefits of membership:

  • Discount on trans-Atlantic flights on British Airways. You can save up to $200 per person on airfare. If your children or grandchildren will be accompanying you, sign them up as AARP members first.
  • Free admission to big-name movies

The free movies benefit is of more interest to me. For example, next week there will be a special showing of the movie Wonder Wheel in Austin, free to AARP members.

AARP membership is inexpensive, at $16 / year (even less your first year). Spouse/partner membership is free.