Throw Out Your CFLs Now, Says An Expert

Earlier this week I was talking with an expert on lighting. I mentioned that we have replaced almost all the incandescent light bulbs at our house with CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights), and are enjoying the energy savings. We have several new CFLs waiting in reserve as replacements.

The expert surprised me when he said we should throw all those CFLs out, both those in use and even the new-in-box ones, and replace them with LED bulbs. He noted that LEDs are much more efficient than CFLs, and the longer we wait the more electricity we are wasting.

He emphasized that we should only purchase LED bulbs with the Energy Star certification. Energy Star bulbs are government certified to last a long time and to give out the rated amount of light. Without Energy Star, your only guarantee is what the seller printed on the box.

As much as it hurts to discard (properly) functioning CFL bulbs, I know he is right and I’ll get on it this weekend.