New Uses for Your Old Smartphone

The August 11, 2016 issue of the Wall St. Journal had a great article by Geoffrey A. Fowler about how to use your old iPhone and Android mobile phone. You may have a newer model, but the old one in the drawer still has a lot of useful capabilities.

Just update the operating system, plug it in so it’s continuously charging, and install one or more new apps.

Among the suggested uses:

  • Security Camera — The Manythings app lets your iPhone function as a smart security camera, notifying you by email if there is movement in its camera’s field of view.
  • International Travel Phone — Unlock your phone, then buy a local SIM card when you are traveling internationally.
  • Smart Alarm Clock — There are many apps to choose from.
  • TV Remote — For Android phones equipped with an IR port, you can get apps that let you control your TV / cable box / DVD player.
  • Digital Picture Frame — Use your old iPad or Android tablet to display photographs, either singly or as a slide show.
  • Second Monitor for Computer — Duet is a $20 app for Apple that lets your old device serve as a second monitor for your computer.
  • Car TV — Let kids in the back seat watch videos on your old iPad or iPhone.
  • Kitchen Helper — Get recipe app(s) for your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

This was a very useful newspaper article.