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August 2016 - ATX Fun - Austin-San Antonio Fun, Travel & Educational Opportunities

Fly Delta to Germany for Just $351+ Round-Trip

Delta has a coach fare of $351 or $399 round-trip from LAX/MIA/NYC/PHL to Dusseldorf, Germany. This is for travel from mid-September to early December.

Delta – $351: New York / Miami / Philadelphia / Los Angeles – Dusseldorf, Germany. Roundtrip, including all Taxes

AIRFARE ALERT: Several US Cities to Germany From $351 Roundtrip!!

There are some restrictions, of course, and this fare will be sold out quickly.

Chicago/NYC/Washington to Paris Just $435+ Winter and Spring on United

United Airlines is offering discounted flights to Paris this winter and spring. NYC is $435, Washington DC is $446 and Chicago is $460 round-trip.

Paris, France is a popular destination.
Paris, France is a popular destination.

Actually, I’m not surprised at the low fares. I flew to Paris a couple of weeks ago from Chicago and the plane was less than half-full. My guess is that fears of terrorism are keeping Americans home.

Downtown Paris Hyatt for 3000 Points + $21?

Update: Deal is dead. Someone called Hyatt to ask about it, which alerted them so they pulled the offer. The rule is: If you see a great rate book it, never phone in to ask about it.

The Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile has a possibly-mistake rate which is bookable now for stays until next summer. This is an unbelievably low cost for this quality hotel near the center of the City of Lights.

AMAZING DEAL: Hyatt Regency Paris Club Rooms $21 + 3000 Points Per Night

I’ve made a personal reservation a few minutes ago for 3 nights in July 2017. They are showing as cancellable until 4 PM the day before. Some commenters believe this is just payment for an upgrade, not an actual room…I hope for clarification in the next few days as people begin arriving for their upcoming stays.

Here is the booking link: . Then click the box indicating you want to use points.

The Eiffel Tower, Photo by Miles
The Eiffel Tower, Photo by Miles

How to Get Compensation from Airlines

This post from The Points Guy tells how to request and receive compensation from airlines for issues related to air travel. Perhaps most importantly, it tells you right up front what sorts of issues do not merit compensation.

How To Get Compensation When Flights Go Wrong

For example, if your flight is delayed due to weather or air-traffic-control, the airline doesn’t owe you anything. There is also an explanation of the European rules, which are more favorable to passengers than American rules.

Fly to Cuzco, Peru, to see Machu Picchu
Fly to Cuzco, Peru, to see Machu Picchu

Airports With Free City Tours During Long Layovers

It’s not a lot of fun to be stuck in an airport during a multi-hour layover. Some major airports have a surprising alternative: A free city tour.

Long Layover? Take a Free City Tour at One of These Airports

If you find yourself at any of these airports with hours to kill, taking one of these tours is like a quick and easy vacation. Just be sure to leave enough time to return through security and passport control.