How to Take Great Photos of People While Traveling

Many of us like to take photographs while traveling, either with our phones or with a separate camera. Many of the best travel photos include one or more local people in the frame, but it can be intimidating to ask someone you don’t know (and may not even know their language) to pose. This blog post has 7 useful tips for including local persons in your vacation photos.

Tips for Taking Candid Portraits of People

One of the tips that I always use is, do not make eye contact with a person that you will or just did photograph. I always pretend to look at something else after taking a candid photo, and I don’t recall ever being “caught.”

Well, except for that time in Shanghai…but the guys I photographed were engaged in a criminal activity and they were polite in “inviting” me to erase the photo (and making sure I had). Except for that time, it’s always worked for me.