Informative New Resource for Cuba Travel

Emily, of the MillionMileSecrets blog, has begun a multi-part series about travel to Cuba.

Viva Cuba! Part 2 – The Basics: Visa Requirements

If you are thinking about travel to Cuba, the series is well worth following.

All packed and ready to go. FLI26W5VXUa
All packed and ready to go. FLI26W5VXUa

I have several friends who have visited the island nation, and they all are so happy they went. Almost universally, they say ‘Go to Cuba now, before it inevitably changes. You will love the place and the people.’

American citizens have some barriers to travel, which are unlikely to completely come down with our deeply divided government, but there are workarounds.

Meanwhile, this blog post has a large chart (at the end) showing which airlines will be flying from which American cities to Cuba.

A Deeper Look at Which Airlines Were Chosen to Fly to Havana