Automatic Rebooking if Your Flight is Delayed or Cancelled

Freebird is a “mobile rebooking tool” that will automatically rebook you if your domestic flight is delayed or cancelled, or in case of a missed connection. It will even book you on a different airline, if that is the best option (at your discretion), all in just 30 seconds on your smartphone. Freebird will pay the full cost of the new ticket. The cost to you for this protection is (initially) $19 for one-way flights, $34 for round-trips.

Flight Delayed or Cancelled? This App Will Rebook You Automatically–Sometimes on Another Airline

There are rules and limitations, of course. You have to purchase Freebird protection at least 2 days before your departure. The price will rise after this winter, and may go up even more if bad weather makes delays and cancellations likely. The automatic rebooking becomes available if your flight is cancelled, has a 4-hour delay, or a missed connection due to a delay.

Missing a connection because you were in an airport bar is not likely to activate Freebird protection.