$39 Per Night Airbnb Stay in New York City

UPDATE: Price increased to $49/night.

Yes, the accommodations are kind of small, but the price is right.

Stay In A Bargain Airbnb in NYC for $39 Per Night!


Be sure to read the reviews below the Airbnb listing, as several people found the accommodations to be very bad and left in the middle of the night. For example, one complained of a terrible odor, and another complained that the “wireless A/C” died after and hour and when they opened the window for ventilation mosquitoes entered. And, of course, there is no toilet in the taxi.

The write-up on the Airbnb site is worth reading:

This Taxi has been renovated into a swanky living quarters! It was in service since 2002 driving New Yorkers up and down the busy manhattan streets! From actors to real estate tycoons, the cab drove thousands of people around the bustling streets. Now for the first time its parked. Don’t worry the meter is not running. Sleep in this Cozy One-of-a-kind NYC Taxi Van.