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June 2016 - ATX Fun - Austin-San Antonio Fun, Travel & Educational Opportunities

NYC to Cuba on American Just $262 r/t

American Airlines is selling coach seats from New York City to Varadero, Cuba, as low as $262 round-trip for Fall travel. Other cities also.

If you are an American citizen you will need a Cuban visa and must meet certain other requirements of purpose of your trip.

UPDATE: Other cities are also discounted,

Possible 70,000 Point Southwest Airlines Credit Card

Chase Bank issues 3 varieties of Southwest-branded credit cards with 50,000 Rapid Rewards bonuses. Reports of a 70,000 point version are now making the rounds. The offer is targeted, but one person believes he has found a way to get the expanded bonus even though he was not targeted.

In one of the comments on FatWallet link above, a poster wrote s/he “Used the 49441058 number with 0000 as last 4 and it worked!”

55K + 50K Sapphire & 70K Southwest (Best Ever) Targeted Chase Offers

Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines

Fare War: USA to Hong Kong $670 r/t on American

American Airlines offering $670 round-trip fares from Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis & Salt Lake City to Hong Kong, Sept-Oct.

American – $670: Atlanta / Detroit / Minneapolis / Salt Lake City – Hong Kong. Roundtrip, including all Taxes

Minimum 10-day stay, 28-day advance purchase.

Hong Kong Skyline
Hong Kong Skyline

Chances seem good that Delta and United will match this fare.

$1599 Cuba Trip Includes Air, Hotels, Tours, Visa

This 3-nights in Cuba trip includes air (from Miami), hotels, tours, visa and most meals, all for just $1599.

Includes first night in a Miami hotel plus 3 nights in Cuba, walking tour of Old Havana. This is officially a “People to People” exchange, to stay within U.S. laws.

Departures September 2016 to December 2017 [sic]. Price is probably double-occupancy.

Free Talk, Text & Data While in Europe

FreedomPop is a company that offers free smartphone service in the United States, and now it has a Global SIM kit to extend that to other parts of the world.

Be sure to follow the tips in this FatWallet thread to keep the service free.

I have used FreedomPop internet service for several years, with surprisingly good results for just a couple of dollars per month.

NYC to London $361 r/t on Norwegian

Norwegian Air flights between New York City and London can be booked for $361 round-trip, using a clever (legal) currency trick. Maybe just $338.

FARE ALERT: New York – London for Just $361 Roundtrip

Norwegian flies new Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft, which feature large windows and a more-comfortable passenger environment than other aircraft.

Checked baggage and assigned seats cost extra.

UPDATE: Maybe only $338, as per

$39 Per Night Airbnb Stay in New York City

UPDATE: Price increased to $49/night.

Yes, the accommodations are kind of small, but the price is right.

Stay In A Bargain Airbnb in NYC for $39 Per Night!

Be sure to read the reviews below the Airbnb listing, as several people found the accommodations to be very bad and left in the middle of the night. For example, one complained of a terrible odor, and another complained that the “wireless A/C” died after and hour and when they opened the window for ventilation mosquitoes entered. And, of course, there is no toilet in the taxi.

The write-up on the Airbnb site is worth reading:

This Taxi has been renovated into a swanky living quarters! It was in service since 2002 driving New Yorkers up and down the busy manhattan streets! From actors to real estate tycoons, the cab drove thousands of people around the bustling streets. Now for the first time its parked. Don’t worry the meter is not running. Sleep in this Cozy One-of-a-kind NYC Taxi Van.

WOW Airline Offering $198 r/t NYC – Iceland Flights

WOW, an ultra-low-cost airline based in Iceland, will soon begin flying to Newark (New York City), with $99 fares each way between Newark and Reykjavik.

$99 Flights NYC to Iceland – WOW Air Landing in Newark!


WOW is an established airline and flies clean new aircraft. It is expanding its network to cover more cities in North America, along with an existing large network in Europe.

Iceland has beautiful natural attractions, including geysers, waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes and hot springs, and a very attractive populace.

15-Day China Vacation $1199 Includes Air, Hotels

This is an amazing value, a 15-day vacation in China for $1199 / $1299 / $1399, double occupancy. The cost includes airfare, hotels, guided tours and most meals.

The price differences reflect departure cities in the United States. $1199 for Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose and Seattle. $1299 for Austin, San Antonio, Washington D.C., etc. $1399 for Albuquerque.

Departures are in October, November and December. Later departures cost $100 more.

This is an amazing value in a China tour.