WOW Is Back With $99 Fares to Iceland

WOW Air is a reputable airline based in Iceland, that sometimes offers $99 fares from the U.S. to that nation. That deal has returned to their website.

As with other ultra low cost airlines (think Spirit, RyanAir), there are lots of fees that serve to increase the price. These include seat selection, food, checked baggage, and “overweight” carry-on luggage.

WOW Air flies modern aircraft with a purple-color theme. They depart from Baltimore, Boston and Los Angeles in the United States, and fly through Iceland (airport code KEF) to a variety of airports in Europe.

WOW Airline Offers Low Cost Airfares to EuropeSome sample fares: Washington, D.C. to Reykjavik $99, Boston to Frankfurt $189, Los Angeles to Amsterdam $199.

Return fares are higher, but still inexpensive when compared to the better-known airlines.

Some friends of mine flew WOW Air last June and gave a thumbs-up. I plan to follow their lead later this year.

The free weight limit for carry-ons is only 11 pounds, so my plan is to use a 2-ounce gym bag made of ripstop nylon for the purpose. There is no provision for a second “personal” item like a purse or laptop bag.