Get Easy 100 Starwood Starpoints, Maybe Extend the Life of the Ones You Have

Starwood has a promotion in progress, where you will receive 100 Starpoints if you bid on a Moments VIP Experience. You do not need to be the high bidder to receive the 100 Starwood hotel points.

The addition of these points probably will extend the life of your existing stash of Starpoints, but that is not guaranteed.

Use Starwood Points for free rooms at Sheraton Hotels
Use Starwood Points for free rooms at Sheraton Hotels

How to Get the 100 Free Starwood Starpoints:

  1. Look up your Starwood username and password. You will need them at least twice during the bidding.
  2. Log in at
  3. Look for a photo with VIP or Moments in the description. In my case, it was a photo of a baseball game, about halfway down the page. Click the arrow.
  4. Look for an item, probably pretty far into the future, that has a low minimum bid. Note that you can click “Display All Moments” at the bottom of the page.
  5. One of the items in my list was “2016 MLB Regular Season”, which opened up many more opportunities.
  6. The best choice I found was for a VIP experience in July, that I hope some die-hard fans will outbid me on. The current bid was 3500 hotel points, so I bid 4000 (minimum 500 point increments).

Now I just wait until a real Boston Red Sox fan outbids me, and will be expecting the 100 points.