The Airport Butler Will Be Your BFF at the Airport

Some things are more difficult when you are traveling alone. You have to deal with all your luggage alone, there is nobody to help you at the security lines, nobody will save your seat at the gate while you go to the restroom or to buy a cup of coffee. Until now…

Enter Airport Butler Concierge.

For a fee, the Airport Butler will meet you at the curb when you arrive at your departure airport, help you schlep your luggage (including pets) to check-in and through security, and stay with you until you have boarded your flight. They know the local language and customs, which can be a great benefit.

When you arrive at your destination, the Airport Butler will greet you as you de-plane and accompany you until you are connected with your ground transportation.

At this time Airport Butler Concierge is available only at San Francisco (SFO) and Vancouver (YVR), which are used by tens of thousands of student and vacationing Chinese, but they hope to expand to other airports.