Tooth Fairy Saves the Day Aboard Southwest Airlines Flight

A sweet story about a boy who accidentally swallowed his loose tooth during a flight.

The flight attendant announced it over the intercom, and soon thereafter the tooth fairy somehow got aboard and left two dollar bills on the aircraft.

Along with 2 free bags and no-fee changes, this must be another benefit of flying Southwest.

Fly Southwest Airlines at a discount.
Fly Southwest Airlines at a discount.

Amazon’s Hidden Discount Search Trick

Who knew that Amazon’s search function has a setting for finding discounted items?!

This article from SlickDeals tells how to use it:

For example, do a search for coffee maker. Then append &pct-off=50-70 to the URL (near the top of the page) to find coffee makers that are discounted from 50 to 70%. The results are not prefect, but they are pretty good. Remarkable!

How to Select the Best Seats on American Airlines

American Airlines has four categories of seating in Coach: Main Cabin, Main Cabin Extra, Preferred Seats and Premium Economy. This guide tells you what they are and how to get the better options.

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Seats on American Airlines

If you have Gold, Platinum or Executive Platinum status in American Airlines’ AAdvantage program, some of the better seats are available free or at reduced cost.

And if you do not have status you may still get one of the better seats, because any unassigned ones are opened up 24 hours before departure.

American Airlines, Photo by Thomas Hawk / Flickr

Comparison of Frequent-Flyer Award Charts for American, Delta and United Airlines

One conclusion is that the Big 3 legacy carriers have nearly identical numbers of frequent-flyer miles needed for any given route.

Maybe a comparison including JetBlue will be published later.

jetBlue N290JBSouthwest Airlines does their frequent-flyer program in a very different way, so it can’t really be compared to the others.

Baggage Handler Plants Cocaine Bricks in Innocent Passenger’s Luggage

A baggage handler in Guyana placed bricks of cocaine in the checked luggage of a passenger, who was then arrested when he arrived at JFK airport in New York. As a result of the arrest, the passenger subsequently lost his job.

Fortunately, a jury has now awarded $759,000 to the passenger.

Delta Airlines To Pay 759,000$ Compensation After Baggage Handler Plants Cocaine in Passenger Baggage!

It’s difficult for me to know how Delta could have prevented this from happening, but now they certainly have an incentive to figure something out.