New Zealand to USA $535 Round-Trip This Fall (Non-Reversible)

It will be Spring in New Zealand, but you will have to get there first in order to use this fare.

American Airlines, some dates in October & November 2016.

This is a heckuva deal, perhaps using a one-way award ticket plus one or two nested trips from USA to NZ!

Hilton Will (May) Match Your Status With Another Hotel Program

UPDATE: This morning I realized that I had included the two screen captures in .png format, rather than the required .jpg format. Unfortunately, the Hilton website will not permit a second application for the same HHonors number, so no update for me this time.

ORIGINAL POST: This might be good until 2018. The offer is targeted, but it might work for anyone.

I went for it, asking to match my IHG Platinum status. Hilton’s website says they will notify me, there was no email confirmation.

Since I already am Diamond with Hilton (due to another promotion, with a shorter expiration date), I hope that I don’t get downgraded.

Argentina Suspends $160 Visa Reciprocity Fee

The United States charges a large fee (about $160) for issuing a visa to citizens of Argentina. In response, several years ago the government of Argentina began collecting a fee of the same amount to Americans. They called it a “reciprocity fee.”

Now Argentina has suspended collection of the fee.

Argentina recently installed a new government, much more friendly to the United States than the previous one. It’s likely that this fee-suspension is related to that.

It’s Usually OK to Use the Toilet Even When the Seatbelt Sign is On

The flight attendant can tell you the seatbelt sign is on, but that’s OK.

However, if s/he says that you must return to your seat, you have to obey.

The airline really, really does not want you to soak your seat cushion in urine…it’s so darn hard to sell that seat to another passenger on the next flight.

Airlines Fighting Hard for Permission to Fly to Cuba

This summer the U.S. government will award permission for 30 flights per day from the United States to Cuba…20 to Havana, 10 to smaller cities. Airlines applying for these need to tell why they are a good choice, and why the other airlines are not.

So, the airlines have come out swinging.

JetBlue says it is the “leading domestic airline at JFK,” a claim which Delta described as “demonstrably false.”

Southwest applied for 9 of the 20 daily flights to Havana, saying it can offer lower fares than its competitors…even lower than Spirit. American Airlines described some of Southwest’s application as “absurd.”

American also slammed Alaska Airlines application.

It looks like both fares and seat availability to Cuba will be low.

Some Cheap JFK / Miami / Chicago – Europe Flights Available on AirBerlin

AirfareWatchdog shows some $600+ round-trip fares from Miami to Berlin and Rome. This is for travel next month and May.

Book on the AirBerlin website.

airberlin – $644: Miami – Rome, Italy. Roundtrip, including all Taxes

AirBerlin is a OneWorld partner, so you can earn American AAdvantage miles on these flights if you ask in advance of travel.

Innovative Woollip Travel Pillow for Coach-Class Passengers

Like many others, I have great difficulty sleeping on a plane back in the Economy seats. Those neck pillows are helpful for many but worthless for me.

So, I’m intrigued by this new type of inflatable pillow, the Woollip, currently on Kickstarter.

Face-plant into this airplane tray table pillow

If you want to reserve one, it will cost you a little over $50 (product plus shipping).

As for myself, I use an inflatable vinyl beachball during redeye flights…it’s a little better than nothing. These weigh just an ounce or two and can be purchased for about a dollar at party stores. I take a roll of magic tape and actually tape the inflated beachball to my arms so it (kind of) stays in place if and when I actually go to sleep.