Innovative Woollip Travel Pillow for Coach-Class Passengers

Like many others, I have great difficulty sleeping on a plane back in the Economy seats. Those neck pillows are helpful for many but worthless for me.

So, I’m intrigued by this new type of inflatable pillow, the Woollip, currently on Kickstarter.

Face-plant into this airplane tray table pillow

If you want to reserve one, it will cost you a little over $50 (product plus shipping).

As for myself, I use an inflatable vinyl beachball during redeye flights…it’s a little better than nothing. These weigh just an ounce or two and can be purchased for about a dollar at party stores. I take a roll of magic tape and actually tape the inflated beachball to my arms so it (kind of) stays in place if and when I actually go to sleep.