Website Notifies You if Southwest Fare Changes, So You Can Get Free Refund

UPDATE: The day after I entered my upcoming flights and posted this, Dragon Fare Scanner sent an email notifying me of a 2000+ point drop for an upcoming flight. Changing to the lower fare online took only a couple of minutes…easy peasy!

ORIGINAL POST: Southwest Airline has a very generous policy of refunding the difference if the fare (in either dollars or Rapid Rewards points) drops on a reservation. The difficulty is that you have to discover the price drop yourself.

A new website automates the process, and will notify you automatically of a price drop.

Automatic Notifications when a Southwest Flight Drops in Price!

I don’t expect this website to be around very long, because SWA traditionally takes offense at any attempt to scrape their own website for any reason.

But for now, it’s worth using. I’ve just input 4 of my own reservations, hoping to catch a price drop or two.