NYC/LAX to Paris for Only $484/$624 Round-Trip on an Airline You’ve Never Heard Of

XL Airways, which went bankrupt in 2008 but seems to be alive again, is offering Fall 2016 travel at very low prices. In 2008 it was a British airline, now it brands itself as a French airline.

The Secret Flying website lists $451, the XL website lists $484, for NYC departures.

The XL Airways site lists departures from NYC, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The airline flies to a variety of European cities.

Your carry-on baggage allowance is only 11 pounds, of which a typical roll-aboard will take up most. A gym bag made of ripstop nylon weighs only a couple of ounces, so it would be a good substitute. Also consider carrying your electronics and other heavier items onboard in a Scotte vest.

I recommend paying with a credit card if you go for this deal, so you can get a refund if XL goes under again.

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