Using Multiple Devices on a Wi-Fi Connection Intended for One

The Hoo Too travel router, available in 3 different varieties on Amazon, has a nice feature: If you connect it to a wi-fi source intended for one device (say, the wi-fi on a plane or in a hotel room), you can then connect several devices to the Hoo Too.

This can save you substantial amounts of money during a trip. So far as the airline or hotel is concerned, you have only one computer connected to their wi-fi.

The least expensive Hoo Too travel router, the HT-TM02, has no battery and must receive power from a portable battery or other USB source. It costs only $18.99 with free Prime shipping. It weighs less than 2 ounces and is only about 2 inches x 2 inches. Think carefully before buying this one – do you really want a device that always has to be connected to an external power source to work?

For just $6 more you can get model HT-TM01 that has a battery with adequate life for most uses. That battery can also be used to re-charge your other devices, like a smartphone.

A third mode, the Titan, with pink top, has a larger battery for longer life and costs $40.

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How to Do a Retention Call to Citi Bank

Typically, when you phone in to cancel a credit card, you will be switched to a “retention specialist” who will offer you something to not close the card.

This blog post has instructions for getting the best “retention offers” at Citi.

Several months ago I collected all my Citi credit cards and phoned it to ask for retention offers. Every card had some sort of offer, and most were worthwhile. You can do this too.

Join AARP to Get a Discount on British Air Tickets

A little-known benefit of AARP membership is a discount on British Air ticket prices. The discount is substantial, on the order of 10%. Anyone, even a child, can join AARP for only $16 per year.

AARP. Photo by  jgarber / Flickr

You can find out how to combine the AARP discount and your possession of a Visa credit card issued by Chase Bank at

British Airways: NYC Or Philadelphia To London For $489-$581 Round-Trip With AARP And Chase Visa