You Can Be a Hero — How a Passenger Can (Theoretically) Land a 737 in an Emergency

This YouTube video explains how a non-pilot can (in theory) land a Boeing 737 commercial airliner if both the captain and the co-pilot are out of commission.

I never quite realized how complex this would be…seemingly impossible for a novice. Maybe it would be possible for someone who has a lot of hours with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The hundreds of comments shown below this video are quite interesting. A couple of commenters mention that “the 37 has the capability to autoland.”

Another issue is how a passenger would be able to enter the cockpit…that is not addressed in the video.

On FlyerTalk, a commenter has posted this bit of inside humor, which applies to the alternative version of the video after Delta Airlines evidently complained that they didn’t want their company name associated with a dangerous situation: “I thought the video was pretty funny using the 736 and “Janet” callsign. For those who may not know, “Janet” flights are the shuttle from LAS to Area 51 and some other secret military base.”