Loophole in Spirit Airlines Call Center Process May Save You Money

In an interesting thread on Reddit, someone has described a creative way to change passenger on an existing Spirit airline reservation.

Spirit utilizes an overseas call center, staffed by people whose native language is not English. They do not recognize which English-language names are real and which are bogus.

Spirit does not permit the transfer of a ticket from one person to another, but they do permit “spelling errors” on issued tickets to be corrected.

So, someone figured out a way to transfer a ticket, say from “Pete” to “Sharon”.

  • First, call in with a spelling correction, so Pete becomes Shete.
  • Later, call in with another spelling correction, Shete becomes Share.
  • Then finish up with a call to correct Share to Sharon.

Clever hack!

Old-Style Call Center Telephone. Photo by Vincent_AF / Flickr