Keep Your Home Safe During Vacations

It’s fun to be on vacation, but many of us do a little worrying about what’s happening back in our apartments or houses. This blog post gives some reminders of things to do before you leave home. It was written by Lee Abbamonte, the self-proclaimed youngest American to visit every country in the world.

A couple of thoughts that I have:

  • Don’t cancel your internet service if you use an internet-connected security system or surveillance camera.
  • Set up a light(s) on timers to approximate your normal routine.
  • Notify your local police, ask for close patrol of your residence if they offer that service.
  • If you are traveling in winter, take the normal precautions for your area regarding freeze protection. This may include leaving the heater on a low setting, or leaving exterior faucets dripping. If you have a swimming pool, do whatever is needed to keep the pump from freezing.
  • In summer, take precautions to keep your swimming pool or spa at the correct sanitizer dosage so they do not turn green from algae.

If you have taken the proper precautions you can fully enjoy your trip.