ExpertFlyer is an Impressive Tool for Finding Award-Seat Availability

Sometimes it’s easier to accumulate frequent flyer miles than it is to spend them economically. This happened to me this week, when I was trying to find award-seat availability for travel to Japan, with very limited time and date flexibility.

ExpertFlyer came to the rescue. It’s a subscription service, with a no-cost option, that assists in finding empty seats bookable with frequent-flyer miles.

When I checked on Tuesday, the flights I needed to be on simply had no available seats. So, I set some alerts with ExpertFlyer, so it would send me an email if anything opened up.

Sure enough, this morning there were three applicable emails in my Inbox. Seats on American Airlines flights had become available overnight, and I was able to put them on Hold.

ExpertFlyer saved the day for me, and I expect to continue my paid subscription. If you have frequent-flyer miles, it’s worth checking out the free option and see if it’s useful for you.

Photo by mripp / Flickr