A Day in the Life of a Flight Attendant

Aircraft at the AirportThis is a very good article about the life of an airline flight attendant. In this case the gentleman who was shadowed works for United Airlines.

One thing to note is that FAs don’t get paid anything until the doors of the aircraft are closed. All that smiling at you as you board and de-board the plane are “free” to the airline.


Uber Credit for Dr. Pepper Drinkers

Dr Pepper LogoIf you like Dr. Pepper, this deal is for you. Purchase two 20-ounce bottles of DP or DDP, follow the instructions, and you’ll get a $5 credit from Uber. You can do this up to 5 times.

See the deets here.

Several people have commented on the idea of simply buying 2 DP bottles and photographing them over and over, or even just photographing DP bottles in the store. It’s unclear if this would work, but this Dr. Pepper fan isn’t going to try…I’d rather buy and drink the 10 bottles of soda.

San Antonio to San Francisco Just $114 Round-Trip on American Airlines

American Airlines
American Airlines

Found on EscapeATX.com.

Note: This is Basic Economy, so you can take a personal item but no carry-on bag, no free checked bag, no seat selection.

American Airlines hopes you will upgrade to Regular Economy for an additional ~$25 each way.

Some date pairs in February through June.

Spring & Fall Flights to Oslo, Norway

Scotts Cheap Flights LogoScott’s Cheap Flights has found round-trip flights from various U.S. cities to Oslo for around $400. That is about half the normal fare.

These low fares are available on several carriers, including Air Canada, American, British Airways, Finnair and United.

Check Google Flights for dates March through early June, and August through December.


The “Germiest” Surface at Airports Isn’t the Toilet

According to this post, the surface in an airport with the most germs per square unit is…the touch screen on the checkout device in the Departures area.

In a test, the self-checkin screens at an airport averaged 254,000 units of germ contamination. That was over 10x the number of germs on the armrest of a seat at a gate, or the button on a drinking fountain.

And the toilet seat? It had less than 200 units…only one thousandth the level on the check-in screen.

Houston to Sacramento for $126 Round-Trip on American

Check the American Airlines website for this low round-trip airfare. Dates March/April/May.

Megabus LogoYou can take a Megabus from Austin to Houston for as little as $1.50, with a travel time less than 4 hours (sometimes more, depends upon traffic and time of day). Catch Megabus at their facility on Whitis Avenue half a block south of 21st (UT area).

Source: http://www.secretflying.com/posts/houston-texas-sacramento-california-vice-versa-126-roundtrip/